Was Transparenz hat, ist riesig

In «Was Transparenz hat, ist riesig» the graphic designers Fabian Krauss and Jonathan Auch questioned the routines of their work. First, they conducted extensive dialogues about the personal design process, the function of spontaneous associations and methods with which one could leave well-trodden design paths. A number of sketches, pictures, illustrations and strategies were created in order to break new ground. Furthermore, a large number of questions arose, that reveal the fundamental problems of drafting and design process. To share their journey with others, they decided to combine and animate their extensive discussions and questions and summarize it all in a film. As a result, it was not just a hermetic or brooding navel gaze. Rather, the audience is invited to understand the process that has gone through, some of them recognize themselves, feel caught and find new perspectives for their own creative work. (this description is based on a german text by Uli Cluss, written in 2017)

Voice: Patrick Suhm

Translation: Niloufar Shabanpour