Extreme weather 2021 Zeit Online Screendesign for Movie

Extreme weather

Heat waves, floods caused by heavy rainfall, droughts – extreme weather like we saw in the summer of 2021 is only the beginning of the climate crisis. This video explains how strong and frequent such events will be in the future due to advancing climate change.

Already around 2030, the world is expected to have warmed by 1.5 degrees due to man-made #climatechange – regardless of our current efforts. The #IPCC, the #WorldClimateCouncil, has calculated the future of the climate with various scenarios. If everything continues as it is, the world will heat up by more than four degrees on average by the end of the century. We can also keep global warming at 1.5 degrees in the long term if emissions fall drastically in the next few years.

The more the Earth heats up, the more frequent and intense the weather extremes will become. Heat waves, heavy rainfall, floods and droughts have already increased and will become even more intense in the future. In this video, the two co-authors of the sixth IPCC report, Friederike Otto and Sonia Seneviratne, explain to what extent and with what regional differences. What will Europe look like in 2050?

Screen Design: Barbora Demovičová & Jonathan Auch
Motion Design: Nicolás Grone