Studio Jonathan Auch is a Berlin-based visual communication studio, active in the fields of visual identity and digital media. Our approach can be described as multidisciplinary, concept-oriented and collaborative.

Herbal Archive Website2021
Extremwetter, Zeit OnlineScreen Design2021
Matthias DietzWebsite2021
Discobar Visual Identity2019
Trash Collage 2018
Rudy ZixWebsite2021
Emergence from AwaiVisual Identity2021
Tanz NordWebsite2021

Digital Media
We design intuitive and user-friendly websites and digital products, that are developed according to latest web standards and are easily accessible through content management systems.

Visual Identities
We are developing communication strategies and memorable visual identities for brands, institutions and events.

Studio Jonathan Auch
Mainzer Straße 16
10247 Berlin
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